ISPM15 Heat Treatment

 ISPM15 Heat treatment

Compliant with International Phytosanitary Standards

Many countries now require exporters to heat treat timber pallets and packing cases, to reduce the spread of wood pests overseas. Thanks to our state-of-the-art kiln, we can heat treat up to 10,500 wooden pallets during a seven-day week.

Our heat treatment services ensure your wooden pallets, packing cases and crates meet the International Phytosanitary Standard (ISPM15) for wood packaging, that they are stamped, and supported by the appropriate heat treatment certificate.

Global exporters guide

The International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM15) address how wooden packaging is used for export. ISPM15 was developed by the International Protection Plant Convention (IPPC), and is gradually being adopted throughout the world. Today, over 85 countries have adopted ISPM15 standards.

Its intention is to stop the spread of wood pests between countries, after experiences with the Pine Wood Nematode, the long-horn beetle and other pests.

All exporters must ensure wooden packaging used in consignments meet ISPM15 regulations, are heat treated by an approved organisation and supported by an appropriate heat treatment signature.

Failure to use the correctly heat treated and certified wooden pallets will cause delays and extra costs at the port of entry.

Timcon, the Timber Packaging and Pallet Confederation, has produced a detailed guide listing all countries requiring ISPM15 compliant packaging, which can be accessed here:


On-site pallet heat treatment

All Pallets has a modern, heat treatment kiln on-site and is licensed by the Forestry Commission to heat treat wooden pallets, packing cases and crates to ISPM15 standards.

Computer controlled, our kiln automatically maintains the correct core temperatures for the required period, ensuring pallets are treated effectively. Regular calibrating and inspection ensures our heat treatment kiln maintains the required standards.

In addition to heat treating wooden pallets, packing cases and crates, we can heat treat other wood packaging items, such as reels and cores.

All Pallets Ltd heat treatment license number: FC0346

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